Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Games and Prizes

The honest, wile and guile truth to be wrenched from this drip-dreary day is:

I love the mystery you are.  

And I think you love the not-so-innocence I am.  

But until you find me, we're only playing tag between secrets and dreams.

You're it!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Siren Song

What's left in the scraps and debris of a day?

I've just run two miles; my ears throb from the music (Counting Crows, Bob Dylan, The Killers) and my thighs throb from the unpaved pavement that is this city's roads.

Not much poetry at all in this debris.  But you're reading and I'll write.

I want to know your middle name.

I want to know what color sheets you sleep on; I want to sleep on them while you work.

What do you think about when you can't sleep and why can't you sleep?

When was the last time you laughed so hard it hurt?  When was the last time you cried?

How long has it been since you buried yourself deep in an arching, gasping girl?  And then let her recover herself lying on your chest?

These are the things of life, I suppose.

What's life but breath and smiles, sunsets and goodbye?

Come tumbling toward me, then.

Bring your wants and needs.  Bring your darkness and desire and let me be the siren singing you home.

We'll wreck a landscape of sheets, streets and sunset-glazed grass and laugh, laugh, laugh.

Now, truly.

What's your middle name?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A place to put my things.

Catch a roar-crashing wave in a shoebox to keep beneath your bed.
Bridle a rhinoceros to ride it through a library.
Imprint your desire on a butterfly's wings,
and ask it to swim.

Are you listening?

Tell your secrets to the Dark, then promise to keep his.
Make breakfast for the Moon, then be sure to wash her dishes.
Bring gifts of acorn oak to the Sun,
and watch the glittering burn.

Listen still.

I need a place to put my things.

I seek a shoebox for my waves; do you have a bed?
I'd like a rhinoceros to fit my bridle to; is your library closed?
My butterfly is too strong.

Please seek my Dark secrets before the Moon rises.
Light your way with an acorn blaze
and be my beacon home.